Beta of the Ruby Drink-up of Sophia Antipolis


The first Ruby drink-up of Sophia took place on the 26th of July at the Green King pub. We got twelve early adopters for this Beta and had a very good time.

Some of the early adopters

Thanks to Evangenieur for a very interesting demonstration of a social-video-sharing project he is working on with his team. We also had a fruitful discussion on the next steps for the Ruby group and agreed on organizing a regular drink-up, on the first Tuesday of each month, starting in September.

We will schedule two mini-talks of less than 15 minutes each, at the beginning of each drink-up and maintain the event even if there is no candidate for a mini-talk. There is no registration needed to attend the drink-up and we are open to any subject for the mini-talks, so don't be shy!

At that time the action plan was to:

  • Finalize the choice of a name for the event. We now have "Ruby Drink-up Sophia".
  • Setup communication channels: mini-blog, Twitter, Facebook, mailing list Rails France. The mini-blog is still in its infancy but, as you can see, it is up and running.
  • Launch a contest on the design of a logo for Riviera.rb. More to come on this subject, stay tuned...

Thanks to the Green King's staff for the warm welcome, and let's meet again on the 6th of September at 6:30pm for the real thing. We will communicate the subjects of the two mini-talks by the end of August.