Ruby Drink-up 04 Feb 14 - Grammars with Treetop / Docker for Rails and Ruby


Happy New Year!

The first Ruby Drink-up of the year 2014 in Sophia-Antipolis is to take place on Tuesday, the 04th of February at 6:30pm at the Green King pub, espace Saint-Philippe, Sophia Antipolis.

We have 2 presentations on the agenda:

  • Parsing Expression Grammars with Treetop by Emmanuel Bastien.

    Emmanuel will talk about how Ruby can be very handy in defining and parsing grammars using the Treetop gem.

  • Using Docker for your Rails and Ruby projects by Muriel Salvan.

    Have you heard about Docker? After a quick presentation, Muriel will show how Rails and Ruby projects can be used inside Docker containers.

Join us to chat over a drink and meet with the Ruby community of Sophia-Antipolis!